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Bray Textbook of Physiology.

These are .PDF files so please click the right mouse button and safe them on your own computer!!! This is by far the easiest method to use them.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Physiology.

Chapter 2: Nervous System.

Chapter 3: Muscle.

Chapter 4: Sensory Systems.

Chapter 5: Special Senses.

Chapter 6: Motor System.

Chapter 7: Higher Nervous Functions.

Chapter 8: Endocrine System.

Chapter 9: Reproduction.

Chapter 10: Blood.

Chapter 11: Cardiovascular System.

Chapter 12: Respiration.

Chapter 13: Kidney, Water and Electrolytes.

Chapter 14: Digestive System.

Chapter 15: Energy Metabolism and Temperature Regulation.

Chapter 16: Exercise.

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